Language Barriers Broken Down with the Help of a Translation Device

Imagine yourself travelling to Russia or any countries abroad, communicating with the locals as if you are a native in that place. Or having a business meeting and closing a business deal with a Japanese company without the hardships and fear of cover-ups because you directly hear, speak and understand their language. The catch here is that you are not a linguist nor have undergone an extensive language training program. This is all made possible by a translation device that easily translates verbal communication into your own language and can provide equal translation to other party in order to promote and enhance communication. Neat, right? 

Searching the internet on the earliest form of this said device, the earliest year that you have more traffic on is 2013. As early as 2013, innovations on making devices that easily translates foreign languages without the help of a human interpreter or a person possessing a native dialect have been made available to the public consumers. Let’s try to review and know these beauties.

The Sigmo Voice Translation Device


It’s handy and it’s square. The device lets you speak into it and can translate 25 language. it also allows you to record your voice or conversations that you had. The translation service is provided by Google Translate so it is important that you are connected to an internet before you push the button and speak into the device. Presently, the Sigmo device was reportedly to be failed technology and did not ultimately last for a long time.


The Pilot earpiece


This in-ear piece is the recent translation device in the market that can translate English, French, Spanish, and Italian in real-time. The device cost $199 and will be available in September this year. The user also listen to music streaming if translations are not used. The whole package comes with 2 ear pieces and a battery charger. The company promises that additional languages which are downloadable will be made available soonest.

The ili device

It’s like holding a small stick where you speak into and it will translate immediately into Japanese or Chinese (for now). The good news about this device is it does not need internet connection or mobile data so you can use it even in remote places. And it’s much cheaper too, well, considering that it can only translate 2 Asian languages at this time. Watch the YouTube on this link: 

Advantages of these devices

The most obvious reason why people would be getting this device is to make communication easier for them. It has also been a huge problem travelling to another place and getting lost without any idea on how to speak and ask for directions. This device is made to solve this kind of problems.


For the business industry, it would not be hard anymore to look for clearer meaning in conveying messages. Now, it is not sure if specific jargons are covered or being delivered by the translation device as needed in the medical and science fields.

The translation devices are handy, convenient and very fashionable that users will surely develop a fond way of using it. The cost may turn you off, but with the law of economics and demand, in due time, these babies will be more affordable and more models will be available to the consumers.

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