The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program of San Diego Neurosurgery

Results of Head Injuries


Of the people that are involved in personal injury cases, such as automobile accidents, they tend to develop a traumatic brain injury and, as a result, post-concussive syndrome. While most people heal quickly (approximately one to six weeks) and do not require further medical care, in some other cases, the results can be long-lasting.


If post-concussive syndrome is long lasting, the symptoms can affect a person’s physical body, cognition, and emotions. As a result, daily life is difficult – work and personal relationships have a new strain put on them.


San Diego Service


In San Diego, few therapy programs exist to serve those with brain injuries. Of the few that do exist, none take any personal injury liens. This means that people cannot receive treatment until they have received their settlement money. This delays treatment and potentially limits the results patients should see.


The San Diego Neurosurgery program aims to serve those with brain injuries as quickly as possible. This is why it is the first program to offer treatment that can be done on a lien basis. Patients will be able to receive treatment more quickly and see better results than if they had waited to receive their settlement money.


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program


At San Diego Neurosurgery, patients are seen twice a week for an average of three months. Treatments include informal and formal testing to assess the patient’s skills at the initial appointment. From then on, therapy consists of twice-weekly and one-hour long sessions of cognitive therapy. These sessions are with a speech language pathologist.


Therapy also includes the patient’s caregivers. Caregivers learn about the recovery process, how the brain works, and ways how they can help their loved one regain his or her proper functions.

Termination of therapy occurs when the patient’s proper functioning returns. Therapy may also be terminated early if the patient stops coming to the sessions or does not do assigned homework. Not practicing skills outside of therapy greatly hinders improvement.




Although the San Diego Neurosurgery program does accept liens, it is still necessary to know how much treatment will cost. An estimated cost for the program includes speech and office evaluations, office visits, and speech treatments. It also includes cognitive evaluations and additional therapy, as it becomes necessary.


The total estimated cost for the program ranges from $5,000 to $6,000. This range is given because not every person will recover at the same rate.


Help is Available


If you find yourself in need of professional mental health help, there are many resources available for you. If a loved one is suffering from a brain injury and you find yourself in need of further support, do not hesitate to reach out for help.


As an example, BetterHelp is a company that offers online pain counseling or therapy.

This is a company that strives to provide mental help for those who want to avoid the stigma associated with seeking help for illnesses that cannot be immediately observed. This company is also professional, affordable, and convenient.

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