What Kinds Of Apps Complement The Work Of A Psychiatrist?

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Having a suspicion that you have a mental illness calls for a visit to a psychiatric clinic. It is not advisable to shrug it off, assuming that it is a fluke or that you know yourself better than any psychiatrist. You cannot claim the former freely until you get a diagnosis. As for the latter, the mental health professional has years of hands-on experience,so he must be an expert in the field.

“Experience and credentials are important, but it’s usually the personality of a therapist and the therapeutic rapport that develops between teen and therapist that is the most important factor of all.” – Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW

Touching base with a psychiatrist, however, does not mean you should entirely rely on the treatments they facilitate. There is often a slight margin of error, especially if you consider the truth that most psychiatric disorders remain irreversible. Thus, you are welcome to complement the work of your psychiatrist with a mobile application.

What kinds of apps should you concentrate on, pray tell?


For a lot of mental disorders, the problem comes down to the fact that the person has a bad habit of thinking negatively about life in general. The usual ideas stay along the lines of “I can never find happiness” or “I can’t get better,” and that’s honestly unhealthy. “The worst thing we can do is say to ourselves, ‘I can’t handle it,’ while the best thing we can say is, ‘I may not like it, but I can handle it.” Says Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist.

The apps you need, therefore, are the ones that can improve your thoughts. They don’t run short of tips and tricks on how to cope with specific issues. You can also utilize them to train your mind to go towards the positive direction all the time.

Symptoms Tracker

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Are you searching for an application that allows you to monitor your progress? Well, developers created symptom-tracking apps mostly for that reason. But “If a person is actually in need of therapy, these can be a great supplement, but they cannot take the place of engaging with someone who can offer individualized interpretations and insights that an app cannot provide.” Tanisha Ranger, PsyD explains.

There is ideally one downloadable application for each mental illness, e.g., depression, anxiety, autism, ADD/ADHD, etc. Whenever a symptom appears, you can consult that app to understand whether it’s something that will go away by itself or if you have to seek immediate assistance already. 



You may also want to look into self-help apps – the perfect tools for handling various psychological issues. In case you require help in tracking your breathing or sleeping pattern, overcoming anxiety, or journaling your episodes, you will find an application for that.

What’s cool about such apps is that most of them are free to download. It is an absolute plus, especially since receiving help for your mental health isn’t cheap.

Mental Support

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Last but surely not the least, some apps let you speak with a psychiatrist online. These are virtual counseling platformsthat make great complementary help as people do not have to wait for the next day or drive for hundreds of miles to see a mental health physician. Multiple psychiatrists are on duty 24/7 as well; thus, you won’t run out of advisers to talk to if need be.


Dealing with a psychological disorder is more bearable now than ever, although long-term cure is still unavailable for many illnesses. The information about the symptoms of every disease is extensive and typically free on the internet. When you need mental help, there is at least a single psychiatrist to talk to nearby. If you don’t wish to or can’t go back to the clinic often for treatment, some apps may complement the effort that the professional invests toward your recovery.

Find the application(s) that will suit your mental health needs today based on the categories above. Good luck! 


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