How To Make Somebody Fall In Love With You Without Magic


Do you know that some people resort to voodoo to make their love interest fall for them in real life? If they cannot concoct a potion or perform the right prayers on their own, these individuals don’t mind getting the services of witches or other practitioners of the craft.

This action genuinely bothers many as it ideally breaks the natural progression of love, but you have to put yourself in those folks’ shoes to understand why they choose that path. Is it due to obsession, for instance? Are they so desperate to feel loved?

In truth, you do not need magic to make someone fall in love with you. Try the science-backed tips below, and the person you are dreaming of may soon be yours.


  1. Reveal One’s True Nature

One thing that both men and women pray for is not to embarrass themselves in front of their date. You might wish for the same too since people often say that first impression last. Despite that, you may want to relax a little and let your strengths and weaknesses shine, according to the researchers from the Harvard Business School.

Their investigation shows that a person feels drawn more to someone who is unafraid to reveal his or her real personality immediately. It will seem as if you are indeedopening up to your date, and they cannot help but admire your unabashed character.


  1. Lock Gazes Often

No matter how shy you may be to look at your crush in the eyes, a study claims that doing so is necessary to make him or her fall for you.

It sounds too good to be true, but the windows to your soul can honestly convey what your lips cannot utter. Sometimes that works better than speaking much because not everyone knows how to put their feelings into words. 

The minutes you spend doing it undoubtedly matters as well. The longer you stare into each other’s eyes, the more you’ll feel drawn to one another, regardless of the setting.


  1. Say “Thank You”

Gratefulness does not just have an impact on the individual who receives it. There is a publication which reveals that the mere act of saying “thank you” for someone’s sweet gesture, irrespective of how big or small it is, boosts your emotional connection. Everything you do together afterward may seem extra fulfilling, and it is like nothing can stop your relationship from blossoming. 


Bonus: OptFor Hot Drinks

This pro tip may not be applicable in case yougo on dates in the middle of summer. Despite that, you should know that some studies indicate that your body temperature affects your behavior towards other people. For this reason, the person you are going out with may start feeling attraction to you once you offer him or her hot beverages.


Falling in love with someone special can bring so much happiness in a person’s life. The thought of seeing that significant fellow again may energize you and allow you to think of a brighter future. What’s left to do now is ensuring that your feelings are mutual.

Good luck!

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