3 Stages Of Love According To A Study

People can get their hearts shattered into a billion little pieces more than once, yet only a few become cynical when it comes to love. For the ones who still believe that a prince or princess is out there for them, the experience does nothing but make them feel stronger. Hence, they are often not weary of starting a relationship with someone new.

In reality, though, how does love flourish in one’s heart?

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Various sources can offer you at least five stages of falling in love. That makes sense since you can genuinely feel as if butterflies are fluttering in your stomach the first few times you meet an extraordinary man or woman. Nonetheless, it is easier to understandonce you reduce the number to three.


  1. Lust

Yes, sexual desire comes before love. Although it may seem debatable to a hopeless romantic fellow and believe the opposite, well, that is the truth. 

The logic is that a human brain naturally releases hormones – estrogen or testosterone – throughout the body. How these chemicals work is that they allow someone to feel more womanly or manly, respectively, than ever. Eventually, their longing to do the horizontal tango with another person in the room increases.

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  1. Attraction

Acting upon your primal instincts to pursue another human being opens doors for attraction. This second stage entails that you are one step closer to falling in love. Moreover, according to research, three compounds spike up when you feel attracted to someone.

Dopamine is unsurprisingly one of them. It is a mood-enhancing chemical and some folks who badly need it get their daily dose from drugs. When the attraction is present, though, dopamine becomes generated, especially when you are looking at your crush’s image.

Adrenaline rush takes place as well if there is magnetism between two people. The sensation tends to numb your other feelings, to the point that you turn into a better version of yourself. The meanie becomes a goodie; the fatigued becomes energetic. 

Serotonin completes the trio, of course. This compound is the reason why your mind often drifts towards the individual who fascinates you. One study even found that 65 percent of your day gets consumed by that thought.

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  1. Attachment

Once you give in to the two stages above, that is when you’ll be able to bond in more ways than one. You may talk until the morning comes. You may start matching your schedules so that you have much time for each other. Of course, sex is on the table too.

Relationships, in fact, rely on sexual intimacy because of a couple of chemicals that orgasm and post-sex experience bring forth. Those are oxytocin and vasopressin, respectively. Together, they let couples interpret one another’s non-verbal cues for a more harmonious union.


Love is undoubtedly among the many things that puzzle scientists. For sure, they can name some chemical compounds and reactions occurring in the brain that may lead up to it. However, the entire process remains a beautiful mystery up to this moment, with or without the stages of love being revealed to people.  

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