History of Human Development

Human development. This is something that we hear about so much. There are so many debates going on about how we have changed over time since the beginning of mankind today now the twenty-first century. When we look back to the history of human development, we are seeing a huge difference from the time that our ancestors were living in caves and hunting for our food. However, even though we have evolved beyond recognition in terms of technology and lifestyle, it is this modern lifestyle that actually causes many to suffer from depression and there are many types of depression that even go unnoticed. Here are some of the way we as humans have developed.

“I believe that human beings have an inherent longing and need for wholeness and balance, which is our natural state of being.” –Jennifer Bradley, Psy.D., HSPP, Clinical Psychologist

Our ancestors that lived thousands of years ago

People who lived thousands of years ago lived a whole lot different from us. They lived in small dwellings and even in caves. They hunted for food and didn’t have money to purchase anything that they need.

They have made everything themselves and if they couldn’t make it or exchange it with someone else, they had to live without it. Traveling wasn’t easy. They didn’t have cars, airplanes, or trains to travel to another town, state, or country. Life was hard and survival wasn’t as easy as we have today. However, during these hard times, life was simple and it is entirely possible that fewer people suffered from different types of depression like we do today and that could be down to our need for continual evolvement… some clearly find it harder to cope than others.

Our grandparents and their parents

Rolling forward a few thousand years and to our grandparents and how their parents have lived, you will see an enormous difference from the way ancient people have lived. However, even they didn’t live the way we are living today.

They were able to travel by train or by a vehicle, but their vehicles weren’t as fast or safe as ours today. The food was hard to find and even if there was money to purchase essentials, it was hard to get. This is due to the wars that were going on during that time. Another thing that was different from now, is that women didn’t have a right to say anything or to vote. They needed to stay home and raise the children. And gay and bisexual relationships were, or course, forbidden.  During this period, many people would have required counseling though it was non-existent. Why do you think that the ’30s were known as the Great Depression? Yes, there were no jobs and many were starving, but imagine how they would have felt with no way to help themselves or their family… and no one to turn to. Thankfully, we have the BetterHelp to make sure we are fine nowadays.

“We should examine the inextricable role that self-love plays in any and all human connection.” -Clinical Psychologist and relationship expert Molly Gasbarrini, Ph.D. 


How we are living today

Today, going overseas or going to another town is as easy as climbing in your vehicle or just fly there in a short time. It is easier to talk to friends and family that are living all over the world.

Technology has changed from the old landlines to smartphones and social media where you can talk to someone far away from you in a split second. Medicine is much better and more and more cures are being found for different illnesses that would have killed us just a hundred years ago. It is also possible to receive free online counseling when we feel depressed. Even organ transplants have improved and are now a lot safer than a couple of years ago. However, even with the high-tech life that we are living, there are still threats that we need to face on a daily basis. see on from https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/human-evolution-culture-language-by-kevin-laland-2017-05

When we look at the history of human development, you will see that we have changed a lot since our ancestors. Technology, the way we prepare food and everyday living improved a lot over the last couple of hundred years. And, it is still changing. “As adults, we have leveraged technology to accomplish amazing things in our lives: we do our work, manage our social lives, consume news and entertainment, even make new purchases for the holidays, all with the push of virtual buttons. Despite being cognitively mature, emotionally resilient and capable of delaying gratification, we struggle to set limits on our own usage.” Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD said.

Human development is still improving at an incredibly fast pace and we are going to live better and have even more technology that our parents didn’t have. One day, we can only hope that illnesses like depression also become a thing of the past. In the meantime, however, we are fortunate enough to have great organizations out there like BetterHelp that can provide essential information and guidance.


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