How Have We Evolved over Time

When we think back to a couple of decades ago, we didn’t know all the things that we know now. There are so many things that have changed and that have made the way we live so much better. There are people that are saying that we don’t really evolve over time, but there are some signs that we have actually evolved far quicker in these modern times. However, this modern lifestyle is often faced-paced and relentless and many people struggle to cope. It is a more stressful lifestyle and many people benefit from free online counseling.  Here are some of the things to explain why we are saying that we are evolved over time:

Medical advancement

The first explanation on how we have evolved more rapidly in recent times is to look at our medical history. Hundreds of years ago, there wasn’t any such thing as organ transplant and a bought of flu or measles could have spelled death. Amazing but true.  In the twenty-first century, we haven’t just carried out a simple organ transplant like kidney or liver, but we are also able to transplant hearts,

In the twenty-first century, we haven’t just carried out a simple organ transplant with the heart,  kidney, and liver but we are also able to transplant other parts of the body. The medical advancement is getting better and better over time. Now flu is something that everyone gets during the winter time and measles isn’t as deadly anymore. Nowadays, even deadly illnesses like cancer and HIV are becoming more and more treatable and, though there isn’t yet a cure, patients are able to live almost normal lives. However, even though we, as humans, are able to do all this, there are still millions of people who suffer from depression and other mental issues and need online therapy. Thankfully, there are many expert organizations out there like BetterHelp that can help sufferers get back on the road to recovery.

Technology advancement

If you ask a teenager today to use a landline phone, use a record player, send a fax, or even use dial-up Internet, they will possibly not know what you are talking about and stare at you with a blank expression. Things we used only a decade or so ago have all been replaced by touch screen phones which were unfamiliar and something only a couple of people had. Today, all the touch screen phones are essential to our lives and on it is our record player, radio, camera, fax machine, computer, phone, and everything else that you can take with you everywhere. Imagine carrying all that equipment around from 30 years ago. 50 years ago, no one had a clue about these amazing smartphones. Hopefully, in another 50 years from now (or much sooner), things like depression and the need for people to seek online counseling will be a thing of the past too. If you want to know about some types of depression, visit our other article or read more here:

Technology is a great example that we are evolved over time. Now, there might be some things that we don’t know about that might be used by our grandchildren or their children. But note that “There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.” Jim Taylor Ph.D. explained.


Personally and gender advancement

Fortunately, for the good of humanity, slavery is something that doesn’t happen anymore in most countries. What’s more, women have the same rights as men do anything… and that didn’t happen years ago. Another great example of gender advancement is that now marriages of the same sex is deemed the norm, while only a couple of years ago it was illegal to marry the same sex. “Much of the information they are exposed to is negative and harmful, and thus only reinforces the feeling of isolation.” Nicole Issa, PsyD also added. 

Personally, I think people are evolving and things are changing every day. Now, many more women are working and their husbands are staying at home and taking care of the kids; you know the kids alarm clock, personal chef, hygeinist, judge, repair person and the 5 million other things a stay at home parent does daily.

When we think about it, there are many things that change over time. We are evolving and everything is getting better and more complicated. Technology is improving, the medical industry is improving, and now marriages of the same sex are legal. “Everyday evolution” as I like to call it, is something that is happening even if we don’t want to admit it. Hopefully, we can now start developing ways to help those who need online counseling by being prepared for every situation and even how to control anger. As Stephen Dansiger PsyD MFT used to say, “Mindfulness for Anger Management puts mindfulness into action with transformative skills and real strategies for overcoming anger and taking control of powerful emotions.”


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