What You Need To Know About The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Have you ever heard of the quote: “Sometimes in life, planets align, everything links up, and the timing is perfect.”? Well, that happened on November 13, 2017, when the world witnessed the rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus!

What is the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction?

According to Space. com, a conjunction occurs when two planets have the same ascension. Since planets revolve around the sun in the same plane, they are bound to get close to each other during their revolution.

Thus, it is possible for Venus and Jupiter, two planets that are miles away, to appear close to each other. This year’s Venus-Jupiter Conjunction was just a few degrees apart. During the conjunction, they were only 17 arcminutes apart. Moreover, they remained close to each other even after the alignment.

Source: asterisk.apod.com

The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction appeared like a brilliant double star according to NASA. This year’s conjunction was visible next to the constellation of Virgo. The people in the Northern hemisphere witnessed the planetary event in the best form since the conjunction happened an hour before the sun in the Northern hemisphere.

On the other hand, people in the Southern hemisphere found the viewing of the conjunction a bit difficult since the conjunction happened at 3:05 AM, Buenos, Aires, Argentina time. But, the planets Venus and Jupiter were visible on the horizon around 5:08 AM in the same time zone.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction is an auspicious event in Vedic astrology. Two different planets, the masculine, fiery Jupiter, and the feminine, airy Venus will meet. Instead of resulting in a violent clash, this conjunction creates a balance between the two.

Source: canyoncollective.com

People believed that those who belong to this conjunction are rich, intellectual, lesser susceptible to depression  and often religious people. They earn their incomes through a reputable profession and skilled in many arts and subjects. They are also most likely to get a loyal partner who is as equally as righteous as them.


Another good thing about being under this conjunction is that the people are naturally attractive. They believe to live a long life and to have many descendants. Moreover, they are fated to enjoy the company and love of their loyal friends and family.

What if I missed it?

If you didn’t bear witness to this spectacular planetary event, that is okay. There are other planetary conjunctions lined up in the year of 2018!

For example, in January, the planetary conjunctions of Mars-Jupiter and Mercury-Saturn will occur. In February, the Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Neptune conjunctions will occur.

Source: en.ewikipedia.org

On the other hand, there will be one conjunction for March, April, and May. The Mercury-Venus, Mars-Saturn, and Mercury-Uranus conjunctions for each month, respectively. There will also be one conjunction in November, which is the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction.

There will be two planetary conjunctions for October and December. The Mercury-Venus and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur in October. Meanwhile, in December, the Mars-Neptune and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur.

It seems that the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction will not be happening next year. But, other spectacular planetary conjunctions are coming!

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