Top Ten Quotes From Francis Kong


Words of motivations are powerful statements that can make remarkable changes to a person”s life perspectives. If you are feeling down, lost the drive to go on with your life, don’t know what to, or simply just wanted to be inspired, then reading inspirational words or reading a motivational book can just do the trick.

My personal favorite is Francis Kong, a Filipino keynote speaker well known in providing seminars and workshops that focus on corporate values, leadership, sales effectiveness and customer service. Below are my top ten picks of his words of wisdom.

How does true love manifest? Well here’s what it does. More than a definition is a description I would attempt to provide. True love manifests itself because it is a love that never asks what someone else can do for us; it always asks what we can do for others. Same thing applies to our work/ profession, same applies to the people we love.

There are many people who may dislike you because you refuse to do the unethical things they do. Here is my advice. Do not be afraid to disappoint them.

Before you do something and before you say something…..Think hard. Pray hard. Use reason and not just emotions. You need to be careful with the people you create memories with. Things like these can last a lifetime.


Many a good life has been destroyed because of their impatience to succeed. Timing is important and process is required. Instant successes usually are unstable and unsustainable. William Makepeace Thackeray says: “Do not be in a hurry to succeed. What would you have to live for afterwards? Better make the horizon your goal; it will always be ahead of you.”

It is always meaningful and fulfilling when you go through obstacles and experience a hard-won accomplishment. Gives you a feeling of joy able to do a difficult thing extremely well. Those who insists on comfort, feel good only in the present without care of concern with the future would not be able to experience fulfilment. Always work for something that is beyond our present gratification. Work for something that is beyond us and that will be the time when we are fulfilled because we have contributed.

An intelligent argument can attract a strong mind and offend a weak one. Refuse to lower your standards to those who refuse to raise theirs. It’s not worth it. Move on to more important things to do with your life.

Passion and talent are deadly combinations. But it is work and perseverance that make positive things happen. Some people are quick to start but are quick to quit. Others who stay in there and grow through the process enjoys the rewards in due time.

Here is a good thing to consider this day of rest.(anon)

Everything in this world can be an inspiration – discover it.

Every moment that passes is precious & irreplaceable – cherish it.

Every person we meet is a gift – value the relationship.

Everything that happens in life has a purpose – thank God for it. Life is beautiful beyond measure – treasure it.


Things not going your way? Ask yourself this question: Is your current situation your permanent condition? Do not lose hope. The destination is different from the journey.  So if things are not working out well for you at this point, always consider this as a journey and not a destination. Meanwhile learn, work, persevere and pretty soon you will be enjoying the scenery.

Be excellent. Do the right thing. Be truthful, have peace and joy, blessing others with your goodness and good works. For this good defense against unjust accusations. The best  argument for those who want to see you fail is to present a life well lived.



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