Latest Technologies That Will Transform Your Business


The latest technological advancements have significantly transformed the business sector. They have made processes more streamlined and integrated, and these innovations also contributed to the higher productivity of employees. Experts share that if your company does not invest in the digital transformation of the workplace, your business won’t be able to stay competitive. Listed below are the emerging technologies that you can integrate into your operations. 

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays promote unlimited collaboration among all the employees in the workplace. These are computer-linked devices that are either fixed to the wall or on wheels which the workers can use as a sort of whiteboard. The unique characteristic this offers, however, is its ability to link documents, presentations, and internet searches. It also can conduct video collaboration so the users can connect to anyone in the globe. 

Think of it as a large tablet, with a digital pen, that the employees can use to share their ideas without having to worry about starting from scratch. 

Virtual Assistant Applications


In the past, the big bosses have to hire an additional employee to assist them with their day-to-day tasks. In the digital age, however, employees (not just the upper work management) download a virtual assistant phone application to help them increase their productivity. These apps are capable of organizing your calendar, automating repetitive tasks, managing your social media accounts, and more. 

Believe it or not, there are even creators who are building artificial intelligence, which will have an algorithm that will anticipate your needs. This technology will allow you to become more organized and efficient. 



Chatbots are starting to take the consumer world by storm. Due to the increase in consumption of customers, companies find it challenging to address all of their concerns. Therefore, most of them rely on their chatbots. Having this technology on your social media accounts or websites does not only lessen your cost for customer service staff, but it also increases your customer interaction and foot traffic on your page. 

Chatbots are integrated into apps like iMessenger, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp. They even run 24/7!

The Cloud


You’ll probably hear the word “Cloud” in a workplace setting almost every day. But what are they referring to? The Cloud is a storage system on the internet which replaces the traditional hard drive of computers. All the data and information collected by your company most likely end up in the Cloud, and employees access these should they find it necessary. 

The main advantage of the Cloud is its accessibility. If you store something there and another co-worker located in another place needs a particular file, he or she can immediately access it. They won’t have to ask you to save it in a flash drive or email the attachments. 

The future of the business world in the next five to ten years looks exciting from all angles. To remain relevant and competitive, however, you have to make sure to use a portion of your profit in investing in emerging technologies like these. 


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