Top Technological Innovations For Cyber Safety


There is an ongoing war between data thieves and data defenders. As soon as a group counters an attack, the other group creates another move for malicious behavior. The increase in automation and digital connectivity allowed hackers and businesses in the value chain to be agile and flexible in the field of cyber security. Listed below are some of the top technological innovations for safety if your company is continually trying to fend off these attacks.

Hardware Authentication

Believe it or not, most hackers find it easy to retrieve usernames and passwords of website users. They can even compromise critical and sensitive data of government agencies and companies. Because of this, security experts are feeling higher pressure to come up with authentication programs and methods that can better withstand these attacks. The latest technology which addresses this issue is the emergence of the user hardware authentication.


Tech gurus have started using a new Core vPro processor under the sixth generation of processors. It combines hardware components which have several layers of identity validation. This system requires three things from the users: who they are (username), what they know (password), and what they have (token). This feature also ensures that all the devices connected to the network have the connectivity rights given by the owners.

User Behavior Analytics

Once a hacker engages in malicious behavior, the system will trigger a red flag to the security team if they have user behavior analytics (UBA). This technology employs big data analytics to keep track of their unusual behavior. In other words, it differentiates an activity of a hacker who broke the security from a legitimate user.

The UBA also has a feature called peer analysis. It has a program which compares a person’s user behavior to another person in the same department and has the same manager. If their online routine differs from their peers, they’ll be able to identify this person as a threat to their security.

Imaginary Zoos

Whenever a hacker breaches a computer network, the first step is almost a given—they collect data from the system. Hence, to keep the attackers busy, most security experts confuse them by creating new network devices or booby-trapped files. If they have this added layer, the suspects will spend most of their time hacking these fake servers and systems, hence giving the professionals more time to counter this attack.

The Cloud


The cloud does not only improve the performance and productivity of the employees, but it also contributes to better security technology. More and more companies are now tailoring their information systems safety depending on the vast amount of data which they generate every day. For example, companies are now using prevention systems, virtual intrusion detection, and virtual firewalls.

To be specific, some public and private entities have doubled or tripled the security in their data centers through the use of laaS services like Amazon and Firehost.

Attacks from all sides of the business can come anytime. Hence, the whole security team must keep up with the latest trends and technological innovations not only to keep up with the competition but also to stay safe.


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