How Technology Saves Lives During Quarantine


Technology has been a part of the norm for as long as I can remember. You are considered a cool kid in the 90s if you came to school with a phone. The gadgets back then were not as fancy as the smartphones that we have these days, but having one was uncommon at the time. And the more you change your device, the more people want to be friends around you.

Even I adopted such technological advancements over the years, though I was never a fan of any of them. I have a laptop, two iPhones, and an iPad because they are required in my fast-paced work environment. But if it were up to me, I would be going old school with a pen and paper.

I only saw the significance of using technology when the quarantine came because:


It Allowed Me To Stay In Touch With My Loved Ones

Despite not needing to go to work ever since my company followed the stay-at-home order, I could not go home to see my parents. They lived in Hawaii, you see, and no one was allowed to enter the island at the time. The other option was for Mom and Dad to fly to New York, but I could not bear to make them do that. Both of my parents were over the age of 60 and at high risk of contracting the coronavirus.

What kept all of us sane was the fact that we could Facetime every single day with each other. My parents would wake me up in the middle of the morning, and then we would talk chat making and eating breakfast. Sometimes, the call would last until mid-afternoon, just when Mom and Dad were about to take a nap.
My parents and I had not been this close before, but I am all for this change.


It Helped Me Get Groceries Without Leaving The Couch

When I heard about the quarantine, I initially worried about how I could get my groceries. I knew that supermarkets were open, but I was a little scared to go out. After some online research, though, I found out some of them were offering to deliver the customers’ groceries to their house. That’s what I had been doing in the last few weeks.

Without technology, I would have had to go out there and increase my chances of getting the coronavirus. Thankfully, I didn’t have to come out and greet the delivery people at the door because the groceries were already paid for when I checked them out online. I only needed to wait for 24 hours before picking up the grocery bags to ensure that no viruses were sticking to them.


It Eases Boredom

I used to say that I could live alone on an island for a year with just a few books and nothing else to entertain me. However, after several weeks of being holed up in my apartment in the city, I felt bored. I tried to fool myself in the next days, but I ended up turning on my TV and watching some movies on Netflix.

Without technology, I might have chosen to break the quarantine rules to kill my boredom. Reading was not enough to make me happy; supplementing it with doing movie marathons did.

Final Thoughts

No one should ever be too proud to admit that technology is an essential part of our lives. Perhaps our ancestors have been able to live without it, but that’s because no one has invented it back in the day. However, we have grown up with technology, so we cannot shake it off our system anytime soon.

Whether we like it or not, technology can save us in more ways than one during the quarantine.

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