Technologies From Space Exploration That We Use Every Day


When people think about advanced technology, many of them think about space exploration. The space age was one of the best examples of how technical expertise can lead to amazing feats. However, humanity gained more from the space program than just getting to visit the moon. Many everyday items, some of which we take for granted, exist only because of space research.

Many people believe that space exploration is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Who cares about visiting planet when we already have so many problems here on Earth? Nevertheless, space technology is a vital component of any research and development program. Research in this field leads to the creation of several useful products, many of which make our lives more comfortable.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic cells, also known as solar panels, are now considered a significant player in the renewable energy transition of several countries. These devices convert sunlight directly into electricity, providing many households with a cheap and clean energy source.

Solar panel technology already existed before the start of space exploration, but models back then were inefficient. Rockets need to minimize their weight since it takes a lot of energy to escape the Earth’s atmosphere. Hence, researchers focused on reducing the burden of solar panels while making them more efficient. 

Without space research, solar panels today would be a lot clunkier, making them harder to transport and install. Thanks to NASA’s analysis, solar technology was able to become a leader in renewable energy.

Memory Foam


Astronauts back then had a problem. Accelerating a rocket so that it can lift off into space requires extreme amounts of force. Astronauts can experience forces that are more than ten times their weight. These intense G-forces can easily injure them outright or prevent them from operating the ships during takeoff.

One potential solution is to create customized seats that evenly distribute the pressure throughout an astronaut’s entire body. The only problem with them is that they need to be updated frequently as astronauts’ bodies change in proportions during training.

Engineers came up with a remedy: a substance that can conform to anyone’s body then return to its original shape even after repeated use. After several trials, NASA was able to develop the first version of the memory foam. Decades later, NASA released memory foam into the public domain during the 1980s.

Today, many items of clothing and apparel depend on memory foam to ensure that users are well-cushioned and protected.

Food Management


Regular food is unsuitable for astronauts. Because of their moisture content, food items tend to add significantly to cargo weight, requiring more rocket fuel for a successful launch. Typical food also tends to spoil quickly, which makes it challenging to provide well-balanced meals during missions that can take weeks to finish.

NASA experimented with freeze-drying, which allows sensitive items to lose moisture without being destroyed. During the mid-20th century, freeze-drying was already being used to help preserve blood components. Researchers were able to apply the same technology to food. The result is spoilage-resistant food that weighs 20% of its original weight and retains almost all of its nutrients.

There are other examples of useful technologies from the space age, such as scratch-resistant coatings and camera units small enough to fit in a smartphone. Hence, we need to keep supporting research projects. Research into space exploration and similar frontiers lead to benefits that trickle down to everyday citizens.


The New Way Of Hackers To Break Into Your iPhone And How You Can Prevent It


People who conduct fraudulent activities such as hacking do not choose an exact timing or season. No particular technology can even escape their agenda. Latest reports reveal hackers have found a new way to break into iPhones, which are widely known as the most secure mobile device out there.

Latest news suggests hackers can now steal your iPhone data just by sending you a text message. Google Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich found an interaction-less bug that could allow a hacker to extract data from iOS iMessage easily.

iPhones are more challenging to hack than other mobile phones. It is also a common knowledge that Apple has set high standards for user privacy and data security on each of their products. However, hackers can still target any sophisticated device they want. Apple has no control over where user information travels once an application you visit or install collects it.

Hackers could tailor a text message to an iPhone user, and the iMessage server would send back critical user data such as messages or images. It could happen without even opening the app. iMessage is vulnerable to such attack because of all the extensions and interconnections it offers.

Protecting Your iPhone From Interaction-Less Attacks


Keeping your operating system (OS) and applications updated is the best way to prevent hackers from breaking into your iPhone. Apple urges its users to update their iPhones to the latest version, which is iOS 12.4. In line with this, we provide you with a helpful guide in updating your iOS:

  • Plug your iPhone into a power socket and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Tap “Download and Install.”
  • Tap “Install” for an immediate update or choose “Later” then “Install Tonight” to update while your phone is charging overnight.
  • Enter your passcode if needed.

You can also update your iPhone manually using a wired connection:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your device to your computer via the supplied USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and select your device.
  • Click Summary > Check for Update.
  • Choose “Download and Update.”
  • Enter your passcode if needed.

 Protecting Your iPhone From Hackers In General


Every day, hackers find creative ways to exploit sensitive data for their benefit. Therefore, we provide you with security tips to keep your iPhone secure. This guide should also address concerns about your private information, website logins, emails, text messages, and confidential files such as photos and videos.

  • Keep iOS updated.
  • Activate “Find My iPhone.” It is where you can log in from another iOS device if you lose your iPhone. You can remotely wipe your data from the lost iPhone so that hackers will find nothing.
  • Create a longer password. Law enforcement agencies use the hacking tool GrayKey to crack a four-digit passcode in a couple of hours, even a six-digit code in a few days. Although Apple has effectively disabled this tool from its products, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Enable the Auto-wipe feature. Here, the iPhone will automatically erase all data after ten incorrect password guesses. It should keep you from worrying too much.
  • Avoid opening suspicious links.
  • Revoke third-party app permissions.
  • Turn off Siri.
  • Disable auto-fill. This feature in Safari provides hackers with access to all your online logins. It is highly recommended to disable “AutoFill” through Settings.

Hackers can take everything away from you with a few clicks. So, be proactive and take steps to protect your iPhone from them.


Top Technological Innovations For Cyber Safety


There is an ongoing war between data thieves and data defenders. As soon as a group counters an attack, the other group creates another move for malicious behavior. The increase in automation and digital connectivity allowed hackers and businesses in the value chain to be agile and flexible in the field of cyber security. Listed below are some of the top technological innovations for safety if your company is continually trying to fend off these attacks.

Hardware Authentication

Believe it or not, most hackers find it easy to retrieve usernames and passwords of website users. They can even compromise critical and sensitive data of government agencies and companies. Because of this, security experts are feeling higher pressure to come up with authentication programs and methods that can better withstand these attacks. The latest technology which addresses this issue is the emergence of the user hardware authentication.


Tech gurus have started using a new Core vPro processor under the sixth generation of processors. It combines hardware components which have several layers of identity validation. This system requires three things from the users: who they are (username), what they know (password), and what they have (token). This feature also ensures that all the devices connected to the network have the connectivity rights given by the owners.

User Behavior Analytics

Once a hacker engages in malicious behavior, the system will trigger a red flag to the security team if they have user behavior analytics (UBA). This technology employs big data analytics to keep track of their unusual behavior. In other words, it differentiates an activity of a hacker who broke the security from a legitimate user.

The UBA also has a feature called peer analysis. It has a program which compares a person’s user behavior to another person in the same department and has the same manager. If their online routine differs from their peers, they’ll be able to identify this person as a threat to their security.

Imaginary Zoos

Whenever a hacker breaches a computer network, the first step is almost a given—they collect data from the system. Hence, to keep the attackers busy, most security experts confuse them by creating new network devices or booby-trapped files. If they have this added layer, the suspects will spend most of their time hacking these fake servers and systems, hence giving the professionals more time to counter this attack.

The Cloud


The cloud does not only improve the performance and productivity of the employees, but it also contributes to better security technology. More and more companies are now tailoring their information systems safety depending on the vast amount of data which they generate every day. For example, companies are now using prevention systems, virtual intrusion detection, and virtual firewalls.

To be specific, some public and private entities have doubled or tripled the security in their data centers through the use of laaS services like Amazon and Firehost.

Attacks from all sides of the business can come anytime. Hence, the whole security team must keep up with the latest trends and technological innovations not only to keep up with the competition but also to stay safe.


The Benefits Of Using Technology For Psychological Therapy


Years of researching prove that therapy for the mind is not merely a healing method from the fantasy world. It is a real treatment that works for many patients and saves their lives. It is not as invasive as prescription medicine too, which is a relevant thought for people who don’t wish to depend on drugs forever.

What’s new with psychological therapy is the incorporation of technology in practice. Online counseling or virtual psychotherapy, therefore, is now a service that people from various walks of life can avail. It brings mentally troubled individuals close to the help they need. It does not cost as much as traditional counseling as well. “Good psychotherapy is an amazing tool because a skilled therapist can help you discover and learn things that will help you lead a happier, healthier life.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC explained.

Despite that, some folks are still not fans of the innovation since they think that 1) it is a scam, and 2) it will mean relying on the computer too much. Before making conclusions of your own, check out the benefits of using technology for psychological therapy.


Quick Access To Mental Health Assistance

The initial problem of people who have disabilities other than the mental issue or whose homes are far away from the city is their distance to a treatment facility. Some may make an effort to travel to the clinic a few times, for sure. But needing to do that almost every week or month may exhaust them financially, physically, and mentally.

Registering to a virtual counseling platform, nevertheless, may remedy the situation. You won’t have to speak with the counselorface-to-face, assuming the case isn’t severe. You’re also free to keep on receiving therapy while you’re on leave if there’s an internet connection available.

Better Communication Line Between Patient And Therapist

Sharing darkest emotions and deepest secrets to a stranger, even though he or she is a mental health professional, cannot be stress-free at first. It is already difficult to do with your dearest family, so you may get tongue-tied even more once you’re in front of a therapist. But note that “A good therapist should be open and willing to understand your concerns. If your counselor doesn’t take your concerns seriously or is unwilling to accept feedback, then it’s probably in your best interest to consult with another therapist about it.” Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC said.

However, things may be different when the patient and the counselor are communicating online. The fact that you signed up for virtual therapy on your ownaccord entails that you are ready to obtain treatment. You will do all the talking too before the therapist can respond. Hence, the conversations will flow naturally.

Immediate Response To Distress Calls

Electronic counseling is especially useful for folks with a mental health condition who are in danger of committing suicide. The service runs 24/7, and counselors are accessible through texts, calls or e-mails. That’s why troubled individuals can contact a therapist for advice whenever necessary. Marni Rosen, Psy.D. once said,  “Each therapist brings a unique perspective supported and integrated into the trauma treatment of our clients, from yoga and body work to early intervention, school-based intervention, and social action.”

Helpful For All Ages

Treatment with the help of technology is not all about online therapy, of course. That mostly works for adults who can read, write, and understand the language. Children with mental disorders, on the other hand, benefit from interactive or gaming stuff that developers created just for them.


Using technology for psychological therapy is not a botched idea, considering the benefits shown above. There may be cons here and there, without a doubt, but the pros outnumber them. Always.

Give online counseling a chance to prove its worth to you if ever you require mental help. Good luck!

Latest Technologies That Will Transform Your Business


The latest technological advancements have significantly transformed the business sector. They have made processes more streamlined and integrated, and these innovations also contributed to the higher productivity of employees. Experts share that if your company does not invest in the digital transformation of the workplace, your business won’t be able to stay competitive. Listed below are the emerging technologies that you can integrate into your operations. 

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays promote unlimited collaboration among all the employees in the workplace. These are computer-linked devices that are either fixed to the wall or on wheels which the workers can use as a sort of whiteboard. The unique characteristic this offers, however, is its ability to link documents, presentations, and internet searches. It also can conduct video collaboration so the users can connect to anyone in the globe. 

Think of it as a large tablet, with a digital pen, that the employees can use to share their ideas without having to worry about starting from scratch. 

Virtual Assistant Applications


In the past, the big bosses have to hire an additional employee to assist them with their day-to-day tasks. In the digital age, however, employees (not just the upper work management) download a virtual assistant phone application to help them increase their productivity. These apps are capable of organizing your calendar, automating repetitive tasks, managing your social media accounts, and more. 

Believe it or not, there are even creators who are building artificial intelligence, which will have an algorithm that will anticipate your needs. This technology will allow you to become more organized and efficient. 



Chatbots are starting to take the consumer world by storm. Due to the increase in consumption of customers, companies find it challenging to address all of their concerns. Therefore, most of them rely on their chatbots. Having this technology on your social media accounts or websites does not only lessen your cost for customer service staff, but it also increases your customer interaction and foot traffic on your page. 

Chatbots are integrated into apps like iMessenger, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp. They even run 24/7!

The Cloud


You’ll probably hear the word “Cloud” in a workplace setting almost every day. But what are they referring to? The Cloud is a storage system on the internet which replaces the traditional hard drive of computers. All the data and information collected by your company most likely end up in the Cloud, and employees access these should they find it necessary. 

The main advantage of the Cloud is its accessibility. If you store something there and another co-worker located in another place needs a particular file, he or she can immediately access it. They won’t have to ask you to save it in a flash drive or email the attachments. 

The future of the business world in the next five to ten years looks exciting from all angles. To remain relevant and competitive, however, you have to make sure to use a portion of your profit in investing in emerging technologies like these. 


Why The Tech Industry Loves New York


A lot of industries, including the automobile, fashion, and even the New York therapy industry, have been eyeing on doing developments in the city that never sleeps. And so is the tech industry, which is planning on making expansions in New York. This move, according to experts, can be a highlight of the city’s reign as the main technology hub and the dominion of its colossal talent pool.

There are two major companies that are head to head on this technology buildup. Google is one. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is planning on strengthening its presence in great Manhattan. is the second huge company that might be closing a deal with New York’s leaders to establish another headquarters to Long Island City, as reported by the New York Times. Businessmen and policy experts say that these companies are eager to be part of the city’s diverse workforce and manpower, which has transformed it over the years into a vital tech fortress and magnifying the industry’s mark past the coastal regions.

Executives from Tech NYC, a group representing New-York based technology firms, say that it is the expertise, education, and the city’s access to money and customers is what makes New York a thriving environment. These huge companies and their workforce are drawn to the city’s indispensable features in culture, arts, restaurants, bars, cafes, and neighborhoods linked through various types of public transportation.

New York’s tech trade recently employs more than 300,000 people. That’s according to Karen Bhatia, vice president at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Also, the city officials have spent money preparing its youth to add and join the ranks. The 120 colleges and universities produce nearly 5,000 computer technology graduates every year. Bhatia believes that New York can be the melting pot for infrastructure.


Google And Amazon

Source: has not given sufficient information on the job listings for the planned headquarters, although it has disclosed that it will be opening high-paying jobs. Most likely, it will be looking for computer engineering positions and paying them six figures. The demand for tech experts has also allowed workers to ask for higher salaries. This is why tech companies are fighting to acquire the best workers, even boosting the cost of living in NYC.

Both Google and Amazon are expanding their workforce in New York. Amazon employs over 2000 individuals in the city. This gigantic online company could very well manage to bring in more than 20,000 workers to the area the minute it opens its second headquarters. Google, on the other hand, is responsible for employing 7,000 people in NYC out of its over 90,000 workers across the globe. Per the Journal report, Google plans to employ an additional 12,000 more workers. Unfortunately, both companies refused to comment on these matters.


New York – The City Of Success

Tech entrepreneurs and investors say that some people belittle the city’s accomplishment as a tech hub because it still hasn’t generated a super huge company that levels with Facebook. Additionally, its tech department is masked by various first-class industries that are local to the area, including advertising and finance. But year after year, investments in the technology field have grown significantly and at a relatively faster pace. In fact, according to NYCEDC, tech start-ups increased to 40% from 2016 to the present, reaching a $12 billion increase in venture capital.

Undeniably, the city of New York rules the East Coast and is projected to rule and grow continually, primarily because of the never-ending supply of human talent. Says Kevin Ryan, chairman of Alley Corp, a group of start-ups, “It is the people that make up the tech companies. Unlike the other industries, people are vital in making the technology field succeed.”

What makes New York City outdo the other states is that technology is one of the top ten most essential fields, next to publishing, fashion, music, and finance. Technology has a large space to expand, and people can do great things with it, but still, no one finds out easily about someone at a party. That is the beauty of New York. Privacy still exists despite technological growth.


While it is true that New York is known for its expensive way of life and its crowded public transit system, the tech section has not brought the disrespect of its critics who consider the Bay Area’s housing problem, Silicon Valley’s limited nature, and the particular focus on technology.


Top 5 Life-Changing Developments in Technology

Technology has truly come a long way. From black and white television, we now have smart TVs that integrate the internet with it. From giant brick phones that we couldn’t even fit into our pockets, we have phones so lightweight that we don’t even know if they’re still in our pocket.

Technology isn’t just for entertainment either. It surrounds us in our daily lives, with the aim to help make life easier. Many developments can even be life-changing. Imagine if we never developed phones. We would never be able to communicate with people unless we knew where they were and sent a letter to them. 

We continue to discover and create more technologies. 2017 was no different. Take a look at some of the recent developments in technology that have changed or have the potential to improve our lives.

Brain Implants

It sounds ominous but read on to find out how powerful this innovation can be. This won’t be a case of brainwashing or mind control like in the movie Kingsman. This year, scientists have been able to make progress in creating brain implants to help those with mobility impairment. Specifically, they try to help those whose freedom of movement may have been compromised due to spinal cord injuries.


A French neuroscientist had conducted tests wherein an implant had shown a relative success. The test subject merely had to think about moving, and their leg had shown movement. While it isn’t entirely developed yet, this is a breakthrough that can mean so much to bringing back mobility to many people.

Voice Assistants

Siri isn’t exactly new. However, more and more of its counterpart has been popping up – and they’re all becoming smarter. As more people use these virtual assistants, the more information tech companies have on what they’re getting right, and what they’re getting wrong. Hence, they tweak and fix the program until they get it right.

“Balancing technology use with other aspects of daily life seems reasonable, but there is a lot of conflicting advice about where that balance should be.”Christopher J. Ferguson Ph.D. in clinical psychology


While some people –myself included– usually just use voice assistants for fun, some people do find it extremely useful. Not only does it help with the hands-free use of their phone, but it also helps them quickly find solutions to problems they may have. One just needs to give Siri a hello to see directions to the nearest ramen shop when you get a craving. It’ll also help those who have mobile or visual difficulties to use their phones.

Self-Driving Cars

Recently, Uber has shown some interest in potentially replacing its drivers with robots. I don’t mean physical robots, but instead, cars that can drive themselves. Swedish car company Volvo has made progress with this. Over the past year, they have successfully run trucks around Europe without a driver. 

As cool as this may sound –no more unwanted or awkward conversations with your Uber driver– is does seem somewhat counter-productive to some. Uber was a way of sharing rides between people while giving drivers another source of income. If Uber goes driver-less, then that means these people could potentially lose their earnings.

“It has been found that prolonged and unmonitored technology usage can impact children on the cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological levels.”Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD


Live Language Translation

Leave it to Google to come up with some innovative technology. Last October, Google had released its Pixel Buds. These are wireless headphones that translate different languages almost immediately. 

While some people may be wary because Google Translate fails and memes have been commonplace on the internet, technology critics have commended Google’s latest invention. It currently only features 40 languages, but I’m sure that over the next few years, or even months, Google will continue to refine its Pixel Buds.


Unfortunately, it won’t be able to translate or read minds, so you’ll still need to figure out how to communicate well with your partner. Likewise, you can still depend on real people to help you with that but can still be easily accessible online through and other online counseling platforms.


Virtual Currency

While the digital currency Bitcoin has been around since 2009, it hasn’t reached so much attention as it has this 2017. For those who are still unaware, Bitcoin is a virtual currency – meaning no physical coins or banknotes are made. Bitcoin is governed by a complex mix of math, engineering, computer technology and even physics. 

What sets it apart from regular currency is that every Bitcoin transaction is traceable. This means that even if you do end up getting your Bitcoins stolen, the thief cannot spend them anyway because their transaction will be traced. This offers up much higher security than regular currency.

 “There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.”Jim Taylor Ph.D.


What You Need To Know About The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Have you ever heard of the quote: “Sometimes in life, planets align, everything links up, and the timing is perfect.”? Well, that happened on November 13, 2017, when the world witnessed the rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus!

What is the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction?

According to Space. com, a conjunction occurs when two planets have the same ascension. Since planets revolve around the sun in the same plane, they are bound to get close to each other during their revolution.

Thus, it is possible for Venus and Jupiter, two planets that are miles away, to appear close to each other. This year’s Venus-Jupiter Conjunction was just a few degrees apart. During the conjunction, they were only 17 arcminutes apart. Moreover, they remained close to each other even after the alignment.


The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction appeared like a brilliant double star according to NASA. This year’s conjunction was visible next to the constellation of Virgo. The people in the Northern hemisphere witnessed the planetary event in the best form since the conjunction happened an hour before the sun in the Northern hemisphere.

On the other hand, people in the Southern hemisphere found the viewing of the conjunction a bit difficult since the conjunction happened at 3:05 AM, Buenos, Aires, Argentina time. But, the planets Venus and Jupiter were visible on the horizon around 5:08 AM in the same time zone.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction is an auspicious event in Vedic astrology. Two different planets, the masculine, fiery Jupiter, and the feminine, airy Venus will meet. Instead of resulting in a violent clash, this conjunction creates a balance between the two.


People believed that those who belong to this conjunction are rich, intellectual, lesser susceptible to depression  and often religious people. They earn their incomes through a reputable profession and skilled in many arts and subjects. They are also most likely to get a loyal partner who is as equally as righteous as them.


Another good thing about being under this conjunction is that the people are naturally attractive. They believe to live a long life and to have many descendants. Moreover, they are fated to enjoy the company and love of their loyal friends and family.

What if I missed it?

If you didn’t bear witness to this spectacular planetary event, that is okay. There are other planetary conjunctions lined up in the year of 2018!

For example, in January, the planetary conjunctions of Mars-Jupiter and Mercury-Saturn will occur. In February, the Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Neptune conjunctions will occur.


On the other hand, there will be one conjunction for March, April, and May. The Mercury-Venus, Mars-Saturn, and Mercury-Uranus conjunctions for each month, respectively. There will also be one conjunction in November, which is the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction.

There will be two planetary conjunctions for October and December. The Mercury-Venus and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur in October. Meanwhile, in December, the Mars-Neptune and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur.

It seems that the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction will not be happening next year. But, other spectacular planetary conjunctions are coming!

New Planets That We Could Possibly Live

According to researchers, the Earth is now around 4 billion years old. That is quite a number for an age. The Earth has changed a lot since then; from its structure geographically to its components atmospherically.


The sad news is, instead of helping the planet to preserve its life, the people living on it is hastening its degradation. Also, the earth is not immortal, and it will soon reach its limits. Though it will be hundreds of years more but still, the race of humankind is at stake.

For this reason, researchers from NASA are doing studies beyond the universe to look for any candidate of a new planet where we could live. For years, they have tirelessly navigated the vastness of the cosmos just to look for similar (if not entirely identical) a habitual planet like Earth.


Potentially Habitable Planets

Habitable Exoplanets Catalog (HEC) has come up with a list of planets that are considered to be habitable. The following exoplanets are information taken from HEC and the NASA’s Exoplanet Archive.



  1. Proxima Cen b – this is an exoplanet that is around 4.2 light-years away from the Earth. A group of astronomers from different countries has been studying the possibility that life can exist on this planet. Proxima Cen b is around 1.3 of the Earth’s mass. The distance of Proxima Cen b to the star it is orbiting is about 5% of our Sun and Earth’s distance. Because of that, it passed the criteria to be considered as part of Habitable Zone.
  2. Ross 128 b – this exoplanet is around 11 light-years away from the Earth. According to researchers, the size of Ross 128 b is similar to the Earth. It may also have the same surface temperature. This level of warmth technically shows us that it can support life possibly. This exoplanet can complete an orbit to its host star for only 9.9 days. Its host star is Ross 128 and is commonly known to as the red dwarf star.
  3. Kepler-186 f – this exoplanet is the first Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone. It is only about 10% bigger than our world. Others have considered this planet to be the “Earth’s Cousin.” Kepler-186 f is around 490 light-years away from the Earth. This exoplanet is in the area of its system where liquid such as water possibly exist on its surface. Since this planet can be found in the habitable zone and the possibility that water does exist on its surface, it is a place where life can succeed.

There are more exoplanets that astronomers had discovered. The following have been listed too such as TRAPPIST-1e, Gliese 832 c, HD 40307 g, and many more. These exoplanets in the habitable zone suggest that a neighboring planet within the habitable zone should have the conditions that are roughly comparable to those of Earth.


Space Travel

Upon discovering the numerous planets that are considered habitable, what then is the next step that these researchers would do? Because the level they will be making means that it can become the step of the human race. Are we ready to travel through space just to find a new home or should we preserve what we have now?


A New Scientific Discovery: Metallic Hydrogen

A group of scientists around the world has been trying to prove that the element hydrogen can acquire properties to become a metal. However, they have not come up with an acceptable way to do it without destroying any equipment. Scientists have been trying to turn the lightest of all elements into solid metal.


What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is represented by an H in the periodic table having an atomic number of 1. It is considered the lightest periodic element with a standard atomic weight of 1.008. One of the most common elements in the world, it consumes 75% of the mass of the entire universe with just one electron and one proton.


Hydrogen is naturally gaseous in state at room temperature. It is an air-like fluid substance that expands without restraint to fill any space available even though this element produces a water-like content when it is burned. That substance became one of the materials in making fuel. Hydrogen is not a fuel or source of energy on its own. Relatively, when it burns, hydrogen reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce heat. This heat is then used for power.


How did it happen?

As reported in the Science journal, a group of scientists at Harvard University has at long last succeeded in creating a small amount of what is the most valuable, and possibly the rarest, material on Earth. It is considered as a stunning act of modern-day alchemy.


Ranga Dias and Isaac Silvera are the two physicists who claimed that they had finally turned hydrogen into metal. Such a feat would potentially develop technology and has been hailed as one of the significant breakthroughs in history.


Professor Isaac Silvera said: “It’s the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth, so when you’re looking at it, you’re looking at something that’s never existed before.”


Revolutionizing Technology

The metallic hydrogen is considered a superconductor. It could conduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another without any resistance because electricity loses energy when it travels in conventional circuits in the form of heat. Hence, it has become an issue of sending electrical currents over long distances compared to shorter ones. However, if it travels through a superconducting material, the loss of energy is nearly zero.

According to Science magazine, there is also a possibility the metallic hydrogen can be metastable. Meaning, even at average temperatures and pressure levels its metallic properties will be preserved once formed. This characteristic allows 100 percent efficiency rate in conducting electricity in normal conditions. Through this, it can considerably reduce the costs of transferring electrical currents. Lower prices mean more powerful and efficient electric motors and a far more efficient electrical grid will be made.

Like any other researchers, this claim has its critics. There are some experts said that the two scientists, Ranga Dias and Isaac Silvera, might have mistaken something else for the significant metal. It is still an on-going inquisition upon the considered achievement of the two. If this discovery is real, then, we are revolutionizing technology. If not, yet it is a step closer to it.