Top Ten Quotes From Francis Kong


Words of motivations are powerful statements that can make remarkable changes to a person”s life perspectives. If you are feeling down, lost the drive to go on with your life, don’t know what to, or simply just wanted to be inspired, then reading inspirational words or reading a motivational book can just do the trick.

My personal favorite is Francis Kong, a Filipino keynote speaker well known in providing seminars and workshops that focus on corporate values, leadership, sales effectiveness and customer service. Below are my top ten picks of his words of wisdom.

How does true love manifest? Well here’s what it does. More than a definition is a description I would attempt to provide. True love manifests itself because it is a love that never asks what someone else can do for us; it always asks what we can do for others. Same thing applies to our work/ profession, same applies to the people we love.

There are many people who may dislike you because you refuse to do the unethical things they do. Here is my advice. Do not be afraid to disappoint them.

Before you do something and before you say something…..Think hard. Pray hard. Use reason and not just emotions. You need to be careful with the people you create memories with. Things like these can last a lifetime.


Many a good life has been destroyed because of their impatience to succeed. Timing is important and process is required. Instant successes usually are unstable and unsustainable. William Makepeace Thackeray says: “Do not be in a hurry to succeed. What would you have to live for afterwards? Better make the horizon your goal; it will always be ahead of you.”

It is always meaningful and fulfilling when you go through obstacles and experience a hard-won accomplishment. Gives you a feeling of joy able to do a difficult thing extremely well. Those who insists on comfort, feel good only in the present without care of concern with the future would not be able to experience fulfilment. Always work for something that is beyond our present gratification. Work for something that is beyond us and that will be the time when we are fulfilled because we have contributed.

An intelligent argument can attract a strong mind and offend a weak one. Refuse to lower your standards to those who refuse to raise theirs. It’s not worth it. Move on to more important things to do with your life.

Passion and talent are deadly combinations. But it is work and perseverance that make positive things happen. Some people are quick to start but are quick to quit. Others who stay in there and grow through the process enjoys the rewards in due time.

Here is a good thing to consider this day of rest.(anon)

Everything in this world can be an inspiration – discover it.

Every moment that passes is precious & irreplaceable – cherish it.

Every person we meet is a gift – value the relationship.

Everything that happens in life has a purpose – thank God for it. Life is beautiful beyond measure – treasure it.


Things not going your way? Ask yourself this question: Is your current situation your permanent condition? Do not lose hope. The destination is different from the journey.  So if things are not working out well for you at this point, always consider this as a journey and not a destination. Meanwhile learn, work, persevere and pretty soon you will be enjoying the scenery.

Be excellent. Do the right thing. Be truthful, have peace and joy, blessing others with your goodness and good works. For this good defense against unjust accusations. The best  argument for those who want to see you fail is to present a life well lived.



Top 5 Life-Changing Developments in Technology

Technology has truly come a long way. From black and white television, we now have smart TVs that integrate the internet with it. From giant brick phones that we couldn’t even fit into our pockets, we have phones so lightweight that we don’t even know if they’re still in our pocket.

Technology isn’t just for entertainment either. It surrounds us in our daily lives, with the aim to help make life easier. Many developments can even be life-changing. Imagine if we never developed phones. We would never be able to communicate with people unless we knew where they were and sent a letter to them. 

We continue to discover and create more technologies. 2017 was no different. Take a look at some of the recent developments in technology that have changed or have the potential to improve our lives.

Brain Implants

It sounds ominous but read on to find out how powerful this innovation can be. This won’t be a case of brainwashing or mind control like in the movie Kingsman. This year, scientists have been able to make progress in creating brain implants to help those with mobility impairment. Specifically, they try to help those whose freedom of movement may have been compromised due to spinal cord injuries.


A French neuroscientist had conducted tests wherein an implant had shown a relative success. The test subject merely had to think about moving, and their leg had shown movement. While it isn’t entirely developed yet, this is a breakthrough that can mean so much to bringing back mobility to many people.

Voice Assistants

Siri isn’t exactly new. However, more and more of its counterpart has been popping up – and they’re all becoming smarter. As more people use these virtual assistants, the more information tech companies have on what they’re getting right, and what they’re getting wrong. Hence, they tweak and fix the program until they get it right.

“Balancing technology use with other aspects of daily life seems reasonable, but there is a lot of conflicting advice about where that balance should be.”Christopher J. Ferguson Ph.D. in clinical psychology


While some people –myself included– usually just use voice assistants for fun, some people do find it extremely useful. Not only does it help with the hands-free use of their phone, but it also helps them quickly find solutions to problems they may have. One just needs to give Siri a hello to see directions to the nearest ramen shop when you get a craving. It’ll also help those who have mobile or visual difficulties to use their phones.

Self-Driving Cars

Recently, Uber has shown some interest in potentially replacing its drivers with robots. I don’t mean physical robots, but instead, cars that can drive themselves. Swedish car company Volvo has made progress with this. Over the past year, they have successfully run trucks around Europe without a driver. 

As cool as this may sound –no more unwanted or awkward conversations with your Uber driver– is does seem somewhat counter-productive to some. Uber was a way of sharing rides between people while giving drivers another source of income. If Uber goes driver-less, then that means these people could potentially lose their earnings.

“It has been found that prolonged and unmonitored technology usage can impact children on the cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological levels.”Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD


Live Language Translation

Leave it to Google to come up with some innovative technology. Last October, Google had released its Pixel Buds. These are wireless headphones that translate different languages almost immediately. 

While some people may be wary because Google Translate fails and memes have been commonplace on the internet, technology critics have commended Google’s latest invention. It currently only features 40 languages, but I’m sure that over the next few years, or even months, Google will continue to refine its Pixel Buds.


Unfortunately, it won’t be able to translate or read minds, so you’ll still need to figure out how to communicate well with your partner. Likewise, you can still depend on real people to help you with that but can still be easily accessible online through and other online counseling platforms.


Virtual Currency

While the digital currency Bitcoin has been around since 2009, it hasn’t reached so much attention as it has this 2017. For those who are still unaware, Bitcoin is a virtual currency – meaning no physical coins or banknotes are made. Bitcoin is governed by a complex mix of math, engineering, computer technology and even physics. 

What sets it apart from regular currency is that every Bitcoin transaction is traceable. This means that even if you do end up getting your Bitcoins stolen, the thief cannot spend them anyway because their transaction will be traced. This offers up much higher security than regular currency.

 “There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.”Jim Taylor Ph.D.


Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer: A Promising Discovery


A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is similar to a death sentence. It is one of the cancer types you wouldn’t want to have. The available treatment and surgery for this kind of cancer are still limited, and the survival rates are meager.

Imagine, Steve Jobs had enormous access to experimental research and resources but still succumb to pancreatic cancer.  Many celebrities died of pancreatic cancer: Alan Rickman, Patrick Swayze, Bill Hicks, Luciano Pavarotti and Sally Ride. In the medical world, pancreatic cancer is tagged as a silent killer because, by the time noticeable symptoms appear, the cancer is often advanced for successful treatment. Despite the significant changes in the mortality rate of other cancers, research shows that only 5% of people with pancreatic cancer are alive five years later while breast cancer survival rate is 90% after five years and 83% after ten years.

Brief background

The pancreas is located behind the stomach. It secretes hormones such as insulin and glucagon that is necessary for blood sugar regulation and aid in the digestion of food. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often generalized and can mean myriad of diseases. Examples of this are a loss of appetite, depression, blood clots, and generalized pain in the abdomen and back. The risk factors for pancreatic cancer are a history of pancreatitis, diabetes, family history of cancer and smoking. There are several methods of confirming pancreatic cancer: imaging techniques such as CT scans, MRIs, PET scans and ultrasound and biopsy.


New Tests

Currently, extensive research and studies are still in works to create better outcomes for individuals with pancreatic cancer. The latest update involves a blood test that may have the capacity to detect the development of pancreatic cancer early on which is comparable to tumor markers such carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-fetoprotein, prostate-specific antigen. In the early stage of the study, the new test was able to detect pancreatic cancer in more 90 percent of subjects with pancreatic cancer. The blood examination measures the presence of small bubbles of a cellular material called extracellular vesicles in the circulation. The rationale for the test is because cancerous pancreatic cells give out vesicles with different protein than that of normal pancreatic cells. Researchers developed a miniature sensor that can quantity the extracellular vesicles and the detection of the sensor simply needs less than a drop of blood. Amazingly, it is sensitive enough to even determine the stage of the disease. In fact, in the early stage, the vesicles levels dropped after the surgical removal of the tumor. 

At the moment, the test needs to be validated in larger populations before it can be included as a routine testing for pancreatic cancer. This development is great news for everyone since pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of cancer deaths and following the current trend, it will rise to second place in the next ten years. The test can mean increase survivability through allowing diagnosis at an early stage when the application of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are more efficient.


Providing support

Other than the scientific aspects of care, it is relevant to include the provision of emotional and psychological support to the cancer patient and family. Relationships and family dynamics are greatly affected by this killer disease. Regain offers advice that addresses problematic relationships.


Online Therapist: What To Know


It was only recently or a few years back, that online counseling has been a great hit. What makes it more popular is the knowledge that it works, according to studies. These studies went on to further discuss that online therapy can more easily address some of the psychological issues like social anxiety as compared to face-to-face interventions. The same is so for counseling especially designed for persons with relationship issues.

How It Works


Online sessions use a similar setup to that of video conferencing. While you are seated on your favorite spot, you can call the online counselor using video call software that you prefer. For this matter, you need to have a stable internet connection, a headset, and your unit. Make sure to conduct a short audio and video test before the call to ensure that your connection and gadgets are working out fine before the session. Preferably, you should be beside your partner while you are conducting the session. If this is not possible, maybe because of different time or interests, you need to make sure that both you and the therapist will arrange a suitable schedule for this particular meeting. It is also important to understand that “This kind of effort takes a fair amount of commitment and understanding of the online world.” John M. Grohol, Psy.D. added.

Benefits Of Online Therapist
Various benefits go beyond just being highly compliant to treatment. Here are some of them:



  • You can save some money while you are at it. Doing your counseling sessions at home means that you do not have to travel to ensure that you can attend one meeting. If you currently have children, you may not need to hire a babysitter while you are meeting up with your counselor, assuming that they are already old enough to play on their own.
  • It is easier to set up the appointment for the couples. Online counseling will still work even if the train trips are canceled or if your car broke down. You do not also have to worry about the little flu if you are meeting your counselor from home.
  • Communicating online will be a bit easier for you if you are stressed by going to the clinic and interacting with other people. For example, if you are extremely introverted with episodes of social anxiety, perhaps going online for your sessions will be more productive for you and your partner.
  • The couple can still attend therapy even if one of them is away. This is possible also if one of you is away on a trip. “Even better, these insights and skills that you’ll gain from marriage counseling and couples therapy can have great and lasting benefits in your other relationships, including in your relationships with colleagues, children, and other family members.” Julie Williams, Psy.D. said.

Just because this type of setup works wonders for other people means that this can also work for you, if guided the right way. Given this premise, you have to determine if this is the right arrangement for you. In some cases, you may even do a “blended setup.” That is, you may come to the clinic for therapy on some days, and you may also attend online sessions on specified days. There must be consensual understanding before undertaking online therapy; thus, it is critical that an open discussion with your partner is required. Also, you need to discuss with your therapist what the best setup will work for you and your partner. Jor-El Caraballo, LMHC used to say, “Relationships in and of themselves do not create mental illness.” However, he adds, “When we suffer in our relationships, it can be difficult to move forward from past hurt and trauma.”

If you are having some doubts on this alternative manner of obtaining counseling, you may want to visit BetterHelp for a preview of their online advice. You can also have a live chat with their online therapists and ask them right away on things that need to be clarified. 


What You Need To Know About The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Have you ever heard of the quote: “Sometimes in life, planets align, everything links up, and the timing is perfect.”? Well, that happened on November 13, 2017, when the world witnessed the rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus!

What is the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction?

According to Space. com, a conjunction occurs when two planets have the same ascension. Since planets revolve around the sun in the same plane, they are bound to get close to each other during their revolution.

Thus, it is possible for Venus and Jupiter, two planets that are miles away, to appear close to each other. This year’s Venus-Jupiter Conjunction was just a few degrees apart. During the conjunction, they were only 17 arcminutes apart. Moreover, they remained close to each other even after the alignment.


The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction appeared like a brilliant double star according to NASA. This year’s conjunction was visible next to the constellation of Virgo. The people in the Northern hemisphere witnessed the planetary event in the best form since the conjunction happened an hour before the sun in the Northern hemisphere.

On the other hand, people in the Southern hemisphere found the viewing of the conjunction a bit difficult since the conjunction happened at 3:05 AM, Buenos, Aires, Argentina time. But, the planets Venus and Jupiter were visible on the horizon around 5:08 AM in the same time zone.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction is an auspicious event in Vedic astrology. Two different planets, the masculine, fiery Jupiter, and the feminine, airy Venus will meet. Instead of resulting in a violent clash, this conjunction creates a balance between the two.


People believed that those who belong to this conjunction are rich, intellectual, lesser susceptible to depression (  and often religious people. They earn their incomes through a reputable profession and skilled in many arts and subjects. They are also most likely to get a loyal partner who is as equally as righteous as them.


Another good thing about being under this conjunction is that the people are naturally attractive. They believe to live a long life and to have many descendants. Moreover, they are fated to enjoy the company and love of their loyal friends and family.

What if I missed it?

If you didn’t bear witness to this spectacular planetary event, that is okay. There are other planetary conjunctions lined up in the year of 2018!

For example, in January, the planetary conjunctions of Mars-Jupiter and Mercury-Saturn will occur. In February, the Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Neptune conjunctions will occur.


On the other hand, there will be one conjunction for March, April, and May. The Mercury-Venus, Mars-Saturn, and Mercury-Uranus conjunctions for each month, respectively. There will also be one conjunction in November, which is the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction.

There will be two planetary conjunctions for October and December. The Mercury-Venus and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur in October. Meanwhile, in December, the Mars-Neptune and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction will occur.

It seems that the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction will not be happening next year. But, other spectacular planetary conjunctions are coming!

New Planets That We Could Possibly Live

According to researchers, the Earth is now around 4 billion years old. That is quite a number for an age. The Earth has changed a lot since then; from its structure geographically to its components atmospherically.


The sad news is, instead of helping the planet to preserve its life, the people living on it is hastening its degradation. Also, the earth is not immortal, and it will soon reach its limits. Though it will be hundreds of years more but still, the race of humankind is at stake.

For this reason, researchers from NASA are doing studies beyond the universe to look for any candidate of a new planet where we could live. For years, they have tirelessly navigated the vastness of the cosmos just to look for similar (if not entirely identical) a habitual planet like Earth.


Potentially Habitable Planets

Habitable Exoplanets Catalog (HEC) has come up with a list of planets that are considered to be habitable. The following exoplanets are information taken from HEC and the NASA’s Exoplanet Archive.



  1. Proxima Cen b – this is an exoplanet that is around 4.2 light-years away from the Earth. A group of astronomers from different countries has been studying the possibility that life can exist on this planet. Proxima Cen b is around 1.3 of the Earth’s mass. The distance of Proxima Cen b to the star it is orbiting is about 5% of our Sun and Earth’s distance. Because of that, it passed the criteria to be considered as part of Habitable Zone.
  2. Ross 128 b – this exoplanet is around 11 light-years away from the Earth. According to researchers, the size of Ross 128 b is similar to the Earth. It may also have the same surface temperature. This level of warmth technically shows us that it can support life possibly. This exoplanet can complete an orbit to its host star for only 9.9 days. Its host star is Ross 128 and is commonly known to as the red dwarf star.
  3. Kepler-186 f – this exoplanet is the first Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone. It is only about 10% bigger than our world. Others have considered this planet to be the “Earth’s Cousin.” Kepler-186 f is around 490 light-years away from the Earth. This exoplanet is in the area of its system where liquid such as water possibly exist on its surface. Since this planet can be found in the habitable zone and the possibility that water does exist on its surface, it is a place where life can succeed.

There are more exoplanets that astronomers had discovered. The following have been listed too such as TRAPPIST-1e, Gliese 832 c, HD 40307 g, and many more. These exoplanets in the habitable zone suggest that a neighboring planet within the habitable zone should have the conditions that are roughly comparable to those of Earth.


Space Travel

Upon discovering the numerous planets that are considered habitable, what then is the next step that these researchers would do? Because the level they will be making means that it can become the step of the human race. Are we ready to travel through space just to find a new home or should we preserve what we have now?


A New Scientific Discovery: Metallic Hydrogen

A group of scientists around the world has been trying to prove that the element hydrogen can acquire properties to become a metal. However, they have not come up with an acceptable way to do it without destroying any equipment. Scientists have been trying to turn the lightest of all elements into solid metal.


What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is represented by an H in the periodic table having an atomic number of 1. It is considered the lightest periodic element with a standard atomic weight of 1.008. One of the most common elements in the world, it consumes 75% of the mass of the entire universe with just one electron and one proton.


Hydrogen is naturally gaseous in state at room temperature. It is an air-like fluid substance that expands without restraint to fill any space available even though this element produces a water-like content when it is burned. That substance became one of the materials in making fuel. Hydrogen is not a fuel or source of energy on its own. Relatively, when it burns, hydrogen reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce heat. This heat is then used for power.


How did it happen?

As reported in the Science journal, a group of scientists at Harvard University has at long last succeeded in creating a small amount of what is the most valuable, and possibly the rarest, material on Earth. It is considered as a stunning act of modern-day alchemy.


Ranga Dias and Isaac Silvera are the two physicists who claimed that they had finally turned hydrogen into metal. Such a feat would potentially develop technology and has been hailed as one of the significant breakthroughs in history.


Professor Isaac Silvera said: “It’s the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth, so when you’re looking at it, you’re looking at something that’s never existed before.”


Revolutionizing Technology

The metallic hydrogen is considered a superconductor. It could conduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another without any resistance because electricity loses energy when it travels in conventional circuits in the form of heat. Hence, it has become an issue of sending electrical currents over long distances compared to shorter ones. However, if it travels through a superconducting material, the loss of energy is nearly zero.

According to Science magazine, there is also a possibility the metallic hydrogen can be metastable. Meaning, even at average temperatures and pressure levels its metallic properties will be preserved once formed. This characteristic allows 100 percent efficiency rate in conducting electricity in normal conditions. Through this, it can considerably reduce the costs of transferring electrical currents. Lower prices mean more powerful and efficient electric motors and a far more efficient electrical grid will be made.

Like any other researchers, this claim has its critics. There are some experts said that the two scientists, Ranga Dias and Isaac Silvera, might have mistaken something else for the significant metal. It is still an on-going inquisition upon the considered achievement of the two. If this discovery is real, then, we are revolutionizing technology. If not, yet it is a step closer to it.


How Have We Evolved over Time

When we think back to a couple of decades ago, we didn’t know all the things that we know now. There are so many things that have changed and that have made the way we live so much better. There are people that are saying that we don’t really evolve over time, but there are some signs that we have actually evolved far quicker in these modern times. However, this modern lifestyle is often faced-paced and relentless and many people struggle to cope. It is a more stressful lifestyle and many people benefit from free online counseling.  Here are some of the things to explain why we are saying that we are evolved over time:

Medical advancement

The first explanation on how we have evolved more rapidly in recent times is to look at our medical history. Hundreds of years ago, there wasn’t any such thing as organ transplant and a bought of flu or measles could have spelled death. Amazing but true.  In the twenty-first century, we haven’t just carried out a simple organ transplant like kidney or liver, but we are also able to transplant hearts,

In the twenty-first century, we haven’t just carried out a simple organ transplant with the heart,  kidney, and liver but we are also able to transplant other parts of the body. The medical advancement is getting better and better over time. Now flu is something that everyone gets during the winter time and measles isn’t as deadly anymore. Nowadays, even deadly illnesses like cancer and HIV are becoming more and more treatable and, though there isn’t yet a cure, patients are able to live almost normal lives. However, even though we, as humans, are able to do all this, there are still millions of people who suffer from depression and other mental issues and need online therapy. Thankfully, there are many expert organizations out there like BetterHelp that can help sufferers get back on the road to recovery.

Technology advancement

If you ask a teenager today to use a landline phone, use a record player, send a fax, or even use dial-up Internet, they will possibly not know what you are talking about and stare at you with a blank expression. Things we used only a decade or so ago have all been replaced by touch screen phones which were unfamiliar and something only a couple of people had. Today, all the touch screen phones are essential to our lives and on it is our record player, radio, camera, fax machine, computer, phone, and everything else that you can take with you everywhere. Imagine carrying all that equipment around from 30 years ago. 50 years ago, no one had a clue about these amazing smartphones. Hopefully, in another 50 years from now (or much sooner), things like depression and the need for people to seek online counseling will be a thing of the past too. If you want to know about some types of depression, visit our other article or read more here:

Technology is a great example that we are evolved over time. Now, there might be some things that we don’t know about that might be used by our grandchildren or their children. But note that “There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.” Jim Taylor Ph.D. explained.


Personally and gender advancement

Fortunately, for the good of humanity, slavery is something that doesn’t happen anymore in most countries. What’s more, women have the same rights as men do anything… and that didn’t happen years ago. Another great example of gender advancement is that now marriages of the same sex is deemed the norm, while only a couple of years ago it was illegal to marry the same sex. “Much of the information they are exposed to is negative and harmful, and thus only reinforces the feeling of isolation.” Nicole Issa, PsyD also added. 

Personally, I think people are evolving and things are changing every day. Now, many more women are working and their husbands are staying at home and taking care of the kids; you know the kids alarm clock, personal chef, hygeinist, judge, repair person and the 5 million other things a stay at home parent does daily.

When we think about it, there are many things that change over time. We are evolving and everything is getting better and more complicated. Technology is improving, the medical industry is improving, and now marriages of the same sex are legal. “Everyday evolution” as I like to call it, is something that is happening even if we don’t want to admit it. Hopefully, we can now start developing ways to help those who need online counseling by being prepared for every situation and even how to control anger. As Stephen Dansiger PsyD MFT used to say, “Mindfulness for Anger Management puts mindfulness into action with transformative skills and real strategies for overcoming anger and taking control of powerful emotions.”


History of Human Development

Human development. This is something that we hear about so much. There are so many debates going on about how we have changed over time since the beginning of mankind today now the twenty-first century. When we look back to the history of human development, we are seeing a huge difference from the time that our ancestors were living in caves and hunting for our food. However, even though we have evolved beyond recognition in terms of technology and lifestyle, it is this modern lifestyle that actually causes many to suffer from depression and there are many types of depression that even go unnoticed. Here are some of the way we as humans have developed.

“I believe that human beings have an inherent longing and need for wholeness and balance, which is our natural state of being.” –Jennifer Bradley, Psy.D., HSPP, Clinical Psychologist

Our ancestors that lived thousands of years ago

People who lived thousands of years ago lived a whole lot different from us. They lived in small dwellings and even in caves. They hunted for food and didn’t have money to purchase anything that they need.

They have made everything themselves and if they couldn’t make it or exchange it with someone else, they had to live without it. Traveling wasn’t easy. They didn’t have cars, airplanes, or trains to travel to another town, state, or country. Life was hard and survival wasn’t as easy as we have today. However, during these hard times, life was simple and it is entirely possible that fewer people suffered from different types of depression like we do today and that could be down to our need for continual evolvement… some clearly find it harder to cope than others.

Our grandparents and their parents

Rolling forward a few thousand years and to our grandparents and how their parents have lived, you will see an enormous difference from the way ancient people have lived. However, even they didn’t live the way we are living today.

They were able to travel by train or by a vehicle, but their vehicles weren’t as fast or safe as ours today. The food was hard to find and even if there was money to purchase essentials, it was hard to get. This is due to the wars that were going on during that time. Another thing that was different from now, is that women didn’t have a right to say anything or to vote. They needed to stay home and raise the children. And gay and bisexual relationships were, or course, forbidden.  During this period, many people would have required counseling though it was non-existent. Why do you think that the ’30s were known as the Great Depression? Yes, there were no jobs and many were starving, but imagine how they would have felt with no way to help themselves or their family… and no one to turn to. Thankfully, we have the BetterHelp to make sure we are fine nowadays.

“We should examine the inextricable role that self-love plays in any and all human connection.” -Clinical Psychologist and relationship expert Molly Gasbarrini, Ph.D. 


How we are living today

Today, going overseas or going to another town is as easy as climbing in your vehicle or just fly there in a short time. It is easier to talk to friends and family that are living all over the world.

Technology has changed from the old landlines to smartphones and social media where you can talk to someone far away from you in a split second. Medicine is much better and more and more cures are being found for different illnesses that would have killed us just a hundred years ago. It is also possible to receive free online counseling when we feel depressed. Even organ transplants have improved and are now a lot safer than a couple of years ago. However, even with the high-tech life that we are living, there are still threats that we need to face on a daily basis. see on from

When we look at the history of human development, you will see that we have changed a lot since our ancestors. Technology, the way we prepare food and everyday living improved a lot over the last couple of hundred years. And, it is still changing. “As adults, we have leveraged technology to accomplish amazing things in our lives: we do our work, manage our social lives, consume news and entertainment, even make new purchases for the holidays, all with the push of virtual buttons. Despite being cognitively mature, emotionally resilient and capable of delaying gratification, we struggle to set limits on our own usage.” Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD said.

Human development is still improving at an incredibly fast pace and we are going to live better and have even more technology that our parents didn’t have. One day, we can only hope that illnesses like depression also become a thing of the past. In the meantime, however, we are fortunate enough to have great organizations out there like BetterHelp that can provide essential information and guidance.


Have our Brains Evolved

Many debates that have been going on for years and will go on for years is whether our brains have evolved and how, if it has, in what way has it evolved. There are many people who claim that our brains haven’t evolved much, if at all but then there are some people that are saying that our brains have evolved significantly over time. What really is the correct answer and how can we say that our brains have evolved? Search for online therapy is very important.

“Online therapy is also known as teletherapy, online counseling, distance therapy, internet therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, telebehavioral health, email therapy, text therapy, phone counseling.” Sena Moran, LMHC

Have our brains evolved?

If you are looking at the studies that have been done for years, it seems as though our brains really are evolved over time. However, this is just about studies that have been done, and not real facts or proven studies yet and there are still millions of people who suffer from mental issues and require free online counseling. But remember that “Online care is not for every patient or practitioner. Clients with more serious mental illnesses or addictions likely need more treatment than digital therapy can provide. And some clinicians may find certain telehealth modalities difficult,” says clinical psychologist Nina Barlevy, PsyD.

However, more and more studies are showing that our brains are getting better as time goes by. There are many reasons why people are saying that our brains have evolved over time. Maybe one day, there won’t be such thing as different types of depression.

Brains have shrunk from our ancestors

Studies of old skeletons and heads from the prehistoric age prove that our heads and brains have shrunk over time. We would think that our brains have gotten bigger, because of the fact that we are evolved over time.

But, this is strangely not the case. Yes, we have evolved and our brains have evolved over time, but with a head that is shrinking and getting smaller and smaller. This can be confusing for a lot of people that our brains that are smaller than years ago are smarter than the bigger heads. Think of it like the old landline phones versus modern-day smartphones – they are tiny in comparison but packed with power and information. That said, even with all this crammed inside our compact brains, there are still many who suffer from depression. “Depression is a disorder that develops from environmental and biological issues that are unique to each person.” Deborah Serani, PsyD. Explained. There are many types of depression and it is difficult to pinpoint why this is, especially as most of us have brains that are well-equipped to tackle the modern world.

If our brains have to shrink, are we getting dumber?

The one question that many people are wondering – and you might be one of them – is that if the brain has to shrink, are we getting dumber and is the fact that we have evolved actually not the truth?

It can be complicated to explain, but because we are evolved and we are getting smarter and using more technology and things that our ancestors didn’t use, our brains are shrinking. Some evidence proves that our prehistoric ancestors have the same size brains as apes during that time. Now our heads and brains are a lot smaller, but we are now smarter than apes because we know how to control anger and deal with far more complex situations.

Able to do things our ancestors couldn’t

Other proof that, even if our heads and brains are shrinking, we are smarter is simple… just think about the things that we can do now that our parents and grandparents couldn’t do! Things like using technology, flying all over the world and chatting with friends and family in other parts of the world. Get more info coming from

It may seem unexplainable, but even if our heads and brains are smaller than our ancestors’ were, there is some proof that we have evolved over time… and are still doing so. Just think how our ancestors lived and how they prepared food and communicated with each other. Now imagine what it will be like a thousand years from now… a hundred… even a decade from now. People will look back and wonder how hard life must have been for us living now. Hopefully, depression will be one of those things that future people will have no concept about. For now, however, at least we can turn to great organizations like BetterHelp for advice.